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Taxi Drivers


Klaus Maria Einwanger

Product Information

English  //
German translation booklet available

published on April 3rd 2023
1st edition  //  2,000g  //  232 pages
240mm x 320mm x 27mm



Klaus Maria Einwanger captured critical moments of urban life just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. His tribute to the taxi drivers is both personal and universal — and, as he points out, "written in their faces." In each city, Einwanger explores a very different microcosm. The daily worries of New Yorkers, the intrepidity of Londoners, and the distinguished pride of Tokyo drivers form the backdrop for his exploration with the camera.

What will the future hold? Transportation analysts expect that the traditional taxi industry will not be able to survive alongside ride-sharing apps and the promises of platform capitalism. This leads the photographer to explore what happens if one must die for the other to survive.


About the Artist
Klaus Maria Einwanger

Klaus Maria Einwanger is an award-winning food, people and lifestyle photographer. For more than 30 years, he has traveled around the world with his camera, creating vivid stories and unique visuals. His emblematic photographs have been included in about 100 books and shown at exhibitions in Germany and other parts of the world.

His KME Studios is a creative hub providing art direction, brand strategy, graphic design, film and stills production, digital media, publication development, licensing, and media partnerships.

He is a member of the Association of Photographers (AOP) and the Professional Association of Freelance Photographers and Film Creators (BFF), Germany, and is the Director of the BFF Academy.